Sunday, June 12, 2016

A thoroughly respectable-seeming middle-class woman, she replied without hesitation: “I want my country back.” Joe Epstein


Peewhit said...

Ricardo, first a general thought. No former member of the army should ever escalate. I have a funny feeling that your training teaches you that if you have room to escalate you are probably dead. Secondly Sinclair was worried about the power that the institutions keep in check being let loose. I am tending to a worry about the power of those institutions being allowed to continue unchecked. Sinclair is a part of the 30% of our entitled rulers, but he may not look at it that way. He is however a free speech and small government advocate. Just on this occasion he has shown a blind spot.

Grigory Potyomkin said...

Thanks Peewhit, Perhaps you are right, perhaps it is just a blindspot.