Sunday, November 29, 2015

By-Election for the Federal Seat of North Sydney – Saturday 5th December 2015

Oftentimes a single event is the turning point of a great struggle but at close quarters its import can be difficult to discern. 

The battle for political supremacy during elections resembles trench warfare. The marginal seats are the the lines of opposing troops only metres apart, where the cost of advances are high and the outcome rarely certain. The safe seats are further back, out of range of grenade and rifle. Some are so safe, so far from the front line that even the sound of the enemy’s artillery does not reach their gentle ears. Their fights are internecine and casualties are rare.

This has now changed.  

The faux Liberal leader Turnbull has ensured a faux Liberal candidate, Zimmerman, has been pre-selected for the seat of North Sydney. The conservative voters of North Sydney now find themselves in the front line of a great battle against the progressive left who have invaded their Party and would dismantle, piece by piece all that conservatives hold dear. It is not a position they have been in for many years. The Liberal Party has grossly betrayed its conservative base, which according to Liberal pollster Mark Textor, doesn’t matter. At the 2013 Federal election, Joe Hockey won with 61% of the primary vote and nearly 66% two party preferred, so it is unlikely the Liberals will lose North Sydney.

So what should conservatives in North Sydney do? On 5 December, they should speak the only language politicians understand – Make a protest vote. Make a protest vote against Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party.

If you want your vote to go to a good conservative candidate, Vote Independent – Vote Dr Stephen Ruff